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Includes your professional color analysis and how to dress your body shape and accessorize your frame to highlight your best assets and distract from the areas you are self-conscious.

What you’ll also get with this service:

☑ Personal Color Analysis
☑ How to Dress for Your Body Shape and Proportion eBook
☑ Accessories Rule! eBook

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Color Analysis

Since color is the most influential component of your best look, I start with your best colors first. ​Your 20-page Color Guide eBook includes 36 best sample colors based on your hair, skin and eye color, makeup tips, and more. ​

By keeping these colors on your smart phone you will always have them with you when you are shopping.

​Get started now and discover the best colors that make you shine and answer these questions and more:

  • Do you look best in high contrast colors or low contrast?
  • How much color can you wear at one time without overwhelming your own features?
  • What is the best handbag color for you and which colors make your eyes brighten and your features pop?
  • Are you one of the women that can wear black, or does it make you look older and tired?
  • Does white or ivory, or either flatter you most?

Hair color is a significant component of color analysis. If you had your colors done in the past, but your hair color has changed since then, it’s time for an updated analysis.

How to Dress for Your Body Shape and Proportion E-book

Transform your shopping and closet.

Learn the why behind your outfits that get compliments and just feel great and like ‘you’. Discovering why certain things look great and others not so much, will help you buy the Best Look For You outfit every time.

Your E-book will include specific tips for creating outfits that flatter your figure and minimize the areas you are most self-conscious.Learn how to dress for your shape and questions such as these.

  • What’s the best leg opening for you?
  • What about the best type of pant rise?
  • Do you know the most flattering necklines for you?
  • Can you confidently use design details to draw attention away from the area you are most self-conscious?
  • Do you know which design details widen and which lengthen?

Accessories Rule! E-book

Discover accessorizing secrets to compliment your frame and avoid creating the dreaded optical illusion of appearing larger than you are. Learn how to ‘score’ each outfit for a balanced just right look for both your proportion and style. Do you know the best color for your purse?

Should you wear gold or silver? It’s all in the details.