Dress Your Vertical Proportion


Congratulations, You’re About To Discover the Tall and Short of It All

Nobody has a perfectly balanced body.  This eBook will teach you how to identify where you are short and where you are longer.

Once you know where your imbalances are, you will be able to apply the tips for how to dress those areas. Knowing how to dress those imbalances creates the appearance of balance.

After you have paid for your Vertical Proportion eBook, you will immediately receive an email with the links to your eBook, and you will also be directed to a page to download these two eBooks:

☑ How to Dress Your Vertical Proportion eBook

☑ Import Your eBook to Your Smartphone

You can use either the email links or the redirected page links to download, whichever is more convenient.

Because of unexpected spontaneous shop-stops, I highly recommended you keep your eBook on your smart phone. So, don’t skip the eBook for how to import your eBook to your smartphone if you do not know how to do that.

Enjoy discovering the little changes that make a big difference. Be YOU tiful.

If you have any questions, I’m here just email me at Linda@BestLookForYou.com

Linda Crews